Majik Dice – Late Pledge


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Handcrafted 7 Piece Dice Set
Handcrafted by masters of the art, these dice sets have sharp edges, attractive combination colors so the numbers are always readable.

Type of Dice
Each set includes:

1. A 10 sided D100 die.
2. A 20 sided D20 die.
3. A 12 sided D12 die.
4. A 10 sided D10 die.
5. A 8 sided D8 die.
6. A 6 sided D6 die.
7. A 3 sided D3 die.

Every set is hand crafted with numerous materials and then polished to get their sharp clean appearance. Since these materials are mixed and poured into the shaper, differences of color and material layers will be visible.

Estimated delivery on December 2021. We are currently manufacturing the dice.
After your purchase on our website, we will invite you to visit our late pledge manager and select the designs and fonts that you desire.

More information can be found on our Kickstarter Campaign page on this link.



Additional information
Number of Sets

1 Dice Set, 2 Dice Sets, 3 Dice Sets, 4 Dice Sets, 6 Dice Sets, 10 Dice Sets, 15 Dice Sets