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Dioramas Core Collection, Merchant License & Addons


Get all STL files from our collection Dioramas I in .stl format for your 3D print archive!


What is included in the Collection?
Please visit the page here to check all the items that are included.

Digital Files Only
Please note that this campaign offers STL Files for 3D Printing. No physical miniatures will be sold through this page.

Files Distribution
On the checkout page we will ask for your email from MyMiniFactory.com so we can add you on the list and you will receive an email notification.

Types of Content Provided
The pack includes in total:

  • 49 Dioramas
  • All Addons
  • Perpetual Merchant License


Versions & Supports
For each structure file we include an unsupported version.
All mini decorations are presupported with tree-type supports.

Please visit the License page of the product to get informed.

Help & Support
If you stumble upon any issue or you need more information on a topic, please contact us using the contact page where we include all the possible ways to contact us.