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Dice Towers I – Single Tower


Pick your favourite Dice Tower.



Digital Files Only
Please note that this campaign offers STL files for 3D Printing. No physical miniatures will be sold through this campaign.

Files Distribution
All files are ready and distributed and you will be able to download them on MyMiniFactory.com after your purchase.
Upon purchase we will ask your email of MyMiniFactory.com so we can add you on the list and you will receive an email notification.

Types of Files Provided
The packs include:

1. An .stl file of one tower in one piece.
2. .stl files of the tower splitted in pieces with keys and optimized to use the least number of supports as a suggestion.

Please visit the License page of the product to get informed.

The Stretch Goals are not included in this pack.


Additional information
Dice Tower

A01 Rock, A02 Japan, A03 Dino Forest, A04 Anubis, A05 Rome, A06 Pirates, A07 Forest, A08 Sparta, A09 Elven, A10 Cube, B01 Mayan, B02 Aliens, B03 Balloons, B04 Athena, B05 Medusa, B06 Cthulhu, B07 Float Island, B08 Salloon, B09 Evil Tower, B10 Egypt Mini, C01 The Tomb, C02 King Ape, C03 Dino Bark, C04 Stranger, C05 Militia, C06 Hunted, C07 Star Force, C08 Egypt, C09 Baby Dragon, C10 Castle, C11 Indiana, C12 Mana Spring, C13 Dragon Ruins, EX01 Finecraft, EX03 Seashell, EX04 Poki, EX05 Classic Village, EX06 Classic Japan, EX07 Classic Viking, EX08 Classic Beach, EX09 Classic Goblins, EX10 Classic France, EX11 Madzilla, EX12 Atlantis, EX13 Classic Elves, EX14 Hell Oween, EX15 Classic Minotaurs, EX16 Classic Loxodon, EX17 Classic Leonin