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Dice Towers I Complete Collection


This pack puts together all packs. This pack also includes 5 exclusive Monsters not to be included in the core board game.
If you choose to purchase this pack, we will send you the unique action cards that accompany the 5 Monsters on our release.
The pack also includes a highly detailed sculpture 3D file of our hero Nambra.


Digital Files Only
Please note that this campaign offers STL Files for 3D Printing. No physical miniatures will be sold through this campaign.

Files Distribution
All files are ready and distributed and you will be able to download them on MyMiniFactory.com after your purchase.
Upon purchase we will ask your email of MyMiniFactory.com so we can add you on the list and you will receive an email notification.

Types of Files Provided
The packs include:

1. An .stl file of each tower in one piece.
2. .stl files of the towers splitted in pieces with keys and optimized to use the least number of supports as a suggestion.
3. Bonus decorations items and monsters in .stl.

Please visit the License page of the product to get informed.